Denis Dergestin



Denis Dergestin is a consultant at the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar. He holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Zagreb. His projects primarily involve implementing and quantifying energy efficiency measures in individual buildings. To achieve this, he utilizes dynamic energy simulation tools such as DesignBuilder and Energy Plus combined with programming language Python. Additionally, Denis has been actively involved in organizing various educational events, including training sessions for energy auditors in Croatia and workshops on models and strategies for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) as part of the establishment of a national training center for nZEB buildings in Croatia.

Related training activities

23-24 May. 2024

Analysis and visualization of EPC data and development of innovative energy service
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Calibration of dynamic energy consumption model with real data - case study office building


Implementation of identified measures on calibrated dynamic model - case study office building

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